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Wedding Venue: Resort Garden, Banquet Room
Wedding Ceremony Time:07:00 – 09:00 hrs / 17:00 – 19:00 hrs.
Wedding Package Price: 35,000,000 VND

Wedding Decorations:
• Fresh floral entrance wedding archway to the wedding ceremony area.
• A Decorated Wedding Seating Table for Bridal Parents, Bridals and relatives, friends (if yes).
• Tables, Chairs with cover and centerpieces flower decoration along the walkway.
• Honeymoon Room Decoration with fresh rose petals in a heart shape on the pillow and wedding bed as well as room entrance
• Corsage for all guests (30 pieces maximum)
• Wedding cake with candlelight and flower decorations
• Free one CD of Wedding Photos
• 2 Bouquet Flowers
• Ice carving in a heart shape with fresh rose flowers in middle (Optional)
• Decorated table for offering gifts
• A Decorated Stage for Wedding.
• An Altar for vows

Wedding Custom:
• Vietnamese Wedding Custom for Couple
• Vietnamese custom for Couple Assistants (1 for best man and 1 for bridesmaid, 5 for group bring the offering gifts)

Wedding Procedure:
• Groom team visit Bride’s house and waiting outside of the house (Wedding Ceremony area)
• Accompany team to bring offering gift to Bride’s house for presentation.
• Groom Team comes into the Bride’s house.
• Bride’s family representative receives the gift and receives Groom team.
• Groom’s Team representative declares the reason of wedding ceremony and asks for the agreement from Bride’s family to receive Bride become daughter in law.
• The Bride comes out from her room with her mother.
• All Bride and Groom and both family representative come to the altar to do the wedding vows and pray wedding ceremony.
• Then Couple invites their parents to have wine for their thank you.
• Groom’s mother presents wedding gifts (Earrings, ring, necklace) to Bride
• Groom and Bride to thank theirs parents and guests.
• Resort management presents wedding certificate from resort
• All guests enjoy light snacks and canapé during the ceremony (30 persons maximum).
• Flow of coffee and tea during the ceremony
• Guitarist or Violist performs during wedding ceremony

Wedding welcome drinks:
• Special cocktail for the Bride and Groom - “Sweet Memory”
• Welcome drink with “Sweet Moment” in tulip glass for all guests. (30 person maximum)
• Welcome drink with a special cocktail in a Dragon Fruit for VIP guests.(4 persons maximum)
• Flow of soft drinks during the ceremony. Vietnamese “Hat Dua”is served during ceremony.

The following items are not included in wedding Packages:
• Room Accommodation
• Wedding guests for the Bride and Groom
• Wedding rings
• Hairdressing and make up
• Official Marriage Registration
• Wedding Party after ceremony (Lunch or Dinner)

Optional offer for Wedding Packages:
• VDO Recorder
• Wedding Party ceremony at lunchtime or evening
• Addition flower decorations at the ceremony location
• Addition flower decorations in the Honeymoon Room
• Extra Bouquet Flowers

**Extra Beverage is not include in the Package, and will be charged on the actual consumption.
**All above packages are valid only in the case of maximum 30 guests.

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